Friendly Check-In Program

Pictou County Rainbow Community is doing everything we can to build social support networks during COVID-19. Access to community spaces is limited right now and folks may be experiencing isolation and disconnection. Our Friendly Check-In Program is open to all LGBTQ2S community members aged 18+.

What you should know about The Friendly Check-In Program:

  • You can choose to receive a weekly phone call or email from Volunteers, between Mondays and Fridays (based on your preferences and volunteer availability).

  • During the weekly call or email, our volunteers will check-in on how you are doing, have a friendly chat with you, and offer information, updates and referrals, if you need them.

  • This is NOT a counselling session or crisis line.

If you choose to register to participate in The Friendly Check-In Program, you agree to your information being shared with a small, extended care team including relevant directors, managers, staff, administrative coworkers, program volunteers, and assigned students within The Pictou County Rainbow Community, to coordinate services internally, to ensure quality of care, and for scheduling or administrative purposes. We will make every effort to ensure that we are protecting your personal information responsibly and ethically.

For more information, email

If you are interested in participating in The Friendly Check-In Program, please complete the registration form below.